How to increase sales through social media?

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When your target is defined, you can start thinking about the choice of your social networks. . First of all, your choice will depend on whether you are a BtoB company (for professionals) or BtoC (for individuals). The targets of each social network are different.

For a B to B company, opt for:

LinkedIn: the social network for professionals where you can recruit and consult the profile of practically all business leaders. For your publications to gain visibility, invite employees of the company to share everything that is posted. On this social network your customers and prospects will be able to know the news of the company.

YouTube: the 2nd most visited site in the world in 2021. With YouTube, you can create video content such as tutorials, product presentations, advice and many other topics. On this platform, you mainly gain notoriety. You don’t have a direct link to buy like on other social networks.

Facebook: the most used social network in the world in 2021. Facebook is very suitable for companies with its multiple tools offered (advertising campaigns, exchanges with customers via a contact or Messenger button, creation of a private group to federate a community). It is used by all age categories, a little less by young people. It is interesting to use it because many of your customers or prospects have a Facebook account.

Twitter: the real-time information social network. Thanks to Twitter, you can develop your notoriety, create viral content with the retweet function, improve your brand image and show your values. It is also the social network that allows you to carry out effective monitoring by following accounts on a particular domain or by following “hashtags” relevant to your business.

For a B to C company, opt for:

All the social networks mentioned above for BtoB companies. LinkedIn will serve you mainly for the recruitment process, you will attract fewer customers than on other social networks.

Instagram: the most popular photo or short video sharing application of the moment. With Instagram you can significantly increase your sales, especially among young people. It offers several features to highlight your products such as mentioning the sales links of each product directly on the photos. To succeed on Instagram, you need a strong visual identity to inspire users. The benefits can be significant, especially if you use partnerships.

Pinterest: Like Instagram, this is a very visual social network. The principle is to find inspirations by pinning each content in tables. You can then share them on your network. All photos on Pinterest are clickable and lead to an external link (the original site), which makes Pinterest the social network with the most external links. You can therefore get a lot of visibility on your website, but for this to work, your images must be very visual. This is a very good tool to present these products in the form of a showcase.

To give you an idea of ​​the most used social networks in France, here is a visual presenting statistics on this subject conducted by Hootsuite and We Are Social in their annual Digital Report 2021 study.

Once the social networks have been chosen according to your activity, take the time to establish a publication schedule.

Posting frequency

Indeed, if you want to increase your visibility and thus generate more sales, publish at least 3 times a week for each social network. Nevertheless for Instagram, it is advisable to publish 5 to 7 times a week and on Twitter the best is to tweet and retweet several times a day. You can also plan categories of content according to the days, for example on Thursday a short video. Your community will note this Thursday meeting and you will therefore have a strong interaction with them. Be very active, prospects and customers will be much more attracted by a brand present and close to them.

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