10 web design trends for 2023

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Dark Mode is now fully integrated into most computer and mobile device operating systems. More and more people are accepting the trend and hence more and more web designers are incorporating dark themes.

The wonderful thing about dark themes is that they make your work and portfolio look great no matter what. Black or dark shaded backgrounds are less distracting to the eye. They look great in low light conditions and bring your work to the fore. The text is high contrast and the colors of the photograph seem more vivid.

Choosing colors isn’t just about matching the operating system. With everyone trapped at home for the pandemic, people are spending more time staring at their screens than ever before. One of the latest web design trends in 2023 is a better understanding of eye strain, colors and layouts that prevent it. Increased use of dark themes, or neutral color themes in general, is overdue.

It’s not all good news, however. In some cases, dark modes give you a moody vibe you might not be looking for. It’s more serious, darker. It is essential to take into account what the viewer thinks of the whole package. You don’t want the mood of your theme to outweigh the mood of your work. Modern web design should be holistic in its approach – how does the design interact with the whole user interface that makes the experience possible.

Several Pixpa themes can be changed with dark colors, but pay special attention to the Coral theme . With a dark background and high contrast text, this is the perfect theme for darker backgrounds.

Coral theme by Pixpa

If you’re considering changing your site to a darker theme, take a holistic approach. Often this means reoptimizing any logos or vector artwork you might have on your site. If you’re using intro videos or slideshows that take up prominent space on your landing page, you need to make sure they display best with a dark background. It takes a bit of tinkering, but the end result should look fabulous on desktops and normal and dark mode devices.

Have fun with fonts

Designers have gotten more creative with typography over the past few years, and the trend will continue to grow. Eye-catching fonts are fun and a great way to get your message across in a unique and fun way. Experimental fonts or custom fonts are a great way to add an artistic look to your homepage. Even though it’s just a creative logo with a hand-drawn font, it’s a great way to make an impression.

Retro fonts are another fun font family used. Look for themes that date back to ancient times with recognizable and forgotten elders.

On Pixpa, several themes give you space to get creative with fonts and space for copy. Check out Murray’s new Emblem themes for examples of the featured typeface.

Pixpa Murray Theme

Like adding vector artwork or other custom elements to your site, fun fonts won’t work in all situations. Sometimes you can incorporate them into your logo; other times, you may need to make your landing page image complex with typography and images. If you’re using typography for impact, try to find themes that give you some white space to play around with to make the text stand out.

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