The main components of the drone

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Piloting a drone is a faculty within everyone’s reach provided they train well and know the regulations . It is also possible to take flight training for the most passionate.

Indeed, the pilot is subject to certain prohibitions such as night flying, flying over public spaces in built-up areas, approaching sensitive areas (nuclear power plants, military bases, national parks), prohibited or restricted areas ( near airports). As we previously mentioned, the drone should not fly above 120 m in height.

If you are a beginner, we advise you to train with mini drones indoors . The goal is to know how to handle the drone and perform the main movements: take-off, landing, rotation, etc. Do not hesitate to read articles and watch videos of seasoned pilots in order to collect as much advice as possible and become a real drone pilot in your turn.

Film from the air

Many people are trained in drone piloting to be able to take magnificent aerial shots. Whether to take photos or videos, the drone allows you to benefit from a unique point of view in order to collect beautiful images.

To be able to film from the air, drones are equipped with an onboard camera . It can be very different depending on the model. With some types of drones, pilots can integrate their own action cam , such as a GoPro camera, or prefer a factory-equipped drone with a camera.

Drone cameras are becoming more and more qualitative and allow high quality shots to be taken: they all film at least in FullHD 1080p, and often in 4K or even sometimes more!

There are indeed several models of drones to meet very diverse needs:

The mini drone: it takes up more and more space in the children’s toy department, but also corresponds to adult beginners wishing to have fun and train . Some leisure models are equipped with a camera for aerial photography. This type of drone has the advantage of being inexpensive and easy to fly. There are more and more mini drones that can be piloted indoors and sometimes even outdoors.

The drone with camera: this type of drone is for people wishing to take aerial images . The cameras are mounted on mechanical gondolas to ensure image stability. Depending on the model, on-board cameras can film in 4K or even more for drones intended for cinema!

The racing drone: the racing drone allows you to practice FPV (First Person View) Racing, that is to say a race of obstacles in total immersion with acrobatic figures. But not only! these drones designed for performance can also film images dynamically . The images captured by the drone’s camera are broadcast in real time in the pilot’s FPV goggles or mask. Immersion flight requires many hours of training.

The professional drone: European regulations no longer make a difference between the leisure or professional use of a drone, but on their dangerousness. Professional drones are therefore those used for professional purposes . The regulations have provided for the Specific category, which is intended for professional flights, with the possibility of filing requests for authorizations and derogations for flights to operate in prohibited areas. Professional drones are used in many fields: thermography, cartography, surveillance, control, research, etc.

The military drone: The military drone is a drone used by the army , generally with characteristics intended for this type of use. For example for surveillance missions, intelligence or, if they are armed, for attack missions.

The functions of the drone

On a lighter note, the drone is also used to shoot documentaries and movies. It is indeed used in the context of journalism to reach disaster areas or areas that are difficult to access. This allows reporting without endangering journalists.

Cinematic shots

Drones are widely used in cinema, they carry very high quality cameras. The images captured by drones dedicated to cinema are perfectly stabilized. These drones make it possible to achieve remarkable shots and are used by many directors to replace the helicopter, the crane or the Steady Cam. Drones are also used to make music videos or YouTube videos .

The promotion of the territory

Many tourist offices today use the drone to make plans of the city or territory they wish to promote. What could be more beautiful than aerial views of the monuments and remarkable sites of a region to make tourists want to go there.

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